Why Arts in Education Is so Important

The role of Arts for modern education
In the modern world that is more focused on STEM-driven education, Arts as a subject is rarely identified as an essential part of the studying process. Although scientific disciplines are crucial for our constantly evolving economy, many scientists believe that including Arts in the curriculum will provide a better skill set that will help young people become more successful. Arts should be integrated into the academic programs gradually in connection with standard curriculum to make the learning process easier and more effective.
Arts always come with a range of creative tasks such as writing papers, so many students prefer to pay for essays if they don`t have good writing skills. So why is Arts so desirable for studying in college?

The value of Arts in a college program

Just like children communicate with each other via artistic expression, adults contribute to society by conveying their message and feelings and providing more social tolerance. While many scientists recognize the transformative impact of Arts and its real place in the modern educational programs becomes more tenuous. The main reason for this becomes the lack of data that demonstrate and prove its educational profit as school administration systems don`t gather and store data that could be used by researchers.
During the last years if not more, the part of students studying Arts has drastically shrunk due to the increasing number of tests and teachers` concentration on these subjects (compared to creative tasks required in Arts programs like essays and presentations for which students can hire professional academic writers, as an example, observed in a speedypaper review).
However, several educational experiments held a few years ago proved that this field has an exceptional effect on academic performance, social relationships, and the emotional state of students. Those who got more experience in Arts now are more focused on the sensitive part of their characters and are more responsive to people that feel bad.
While scholars are working to get real evidence explaining why Arts should be paid attention to, there is a list of already proved concepts why it is useful for college education:
1. It enhances imagination and creativity
In the world run by financial analysts and economic leaders, being creative is a rare but useful skill that can set you apart from others. Of course, receiving a qualification in your field is a must-have, but using imagination and coming up with non-standard ideas are the signs of success and innovation. Arts make you think differently from standard solutions;
2. It promotes collaboration
Performing in a team on a mutual project teaches students contribution (even if the role is small), effective communication and making compromises if needed;
3. It builds confidence
The subject of Arts provides students with some space to discover and apply their talents and thus boost their self-esteem. Shy students can overcome it and talk about their artwork even in front of the whole classroom. Being proud of yourself when you have completed your art project makes you more confident and encourages you to keep moving, accept risks and achieve more;
4. It gives knowledge about culture
Arts represent a unique educational platform where students can discuss the impact of various cultures and social levels. They not only learn more about it but are also interested to ask specific questions and become more aware of the reality and everyday problems of other people.

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