A New Beginning

I recall hearing the engine of the yellow school bus slow down as it reached the start of my street. I grab my pink backpack and run off the bus to meet my mother at the end of our driveway. I sprint past the front door of my house and shout “awesome!” to my mother after she asked how my day at school was. I drop my backpack and head into my backyard, where I spot my friends rushing over to my backyard. Whether it was playing sports, watching movies, drawing on our driveways with chalk, we always had an enjoyable time together. At the age of sixteen, looking back on all the unforgettable memories I made, it is quite bittersweet.
From the days I can remember until I turned thirteen, I had lived in Massachusetts. A majority of my family and friends had lived close by, so moving hundreds of miles away from them was tough. I went from seeing these people every day to seeing them once or twice a year, after moving to Ohio. I was able to spend time with my friends and family, whenever I wanted and could count on them for anything. I grew up in Massachusetts, this state was my home. All my childhood memories were made here, and it was difficult to say goodbye to them so soon. When I look back on my days as a young child/ teenager, I remember there being countless memories that I will cherish forever.
The memory that has been stuck in my head the most, out of this whole situation, is the moment I said goodbye to my childhood home. Following one last look at my room with the fresh, newly painted, white walls, I hear my sister down the upstairs hallway, exclaim about how excited she was to move to Ohio. As I head down the stairs to leave my now past home, I notice that it smells the same as when you enter a brand new house for the first couple of times. The smell of fresh paint, no furniture, just empty. Nevertheless, there are a few memories that I can remember quite vividly after walking out of my house. I think back to seeing the U-Haul moving truck, and hearing my parents load the last couple of boxes while I moved to sit in the back of my father's Honda Pilot with my sister. My arms clutched my dark blue plaid blanket as I took one last look at our former house before shutting my eyes for the ride to Ohio. I wanted to think that I was ready to move at the time, but deep down I knew how much of a change this was and how much it would affect my family and me. This was when it ultimately hit me that I was leaving the place where I grew up with my beloved family and friends.
After a long thirteen-hour drive, my family and I arrived in Sunbury, Ohio. When I first looked at our new house, it appeared somewhat frightening. I thought this seeing that I was incredibly nervous to start a new life where I knew absolutely nobody. Nothing that would compare to our previous home, which was comfortable, in a neighborhood, and had all my friends and family nearby. This one was in the middle of a busy road and seemed anything but homely. This new house, no matter whether I wanted it or not, would be somewhere that I needed to grow used to, and consequently, I did. Within the first few steps of entering our new house, there was a strong smell of cigarettes. My father was the first to point it out, and say it was likely from someone working on the house or someone who had lived here before us. This was a smell I was used to, considering, some of my family members smoked. Regarding my first impressions of this new house, my sister and I proceeded to head upstairs and into our unusually large bedrooms, something that I was not used to. Once I placed my belongings down in the corner, near a light switch, and sat down in the middle of my room below my ceiling fan, I took a deep breath and began to tear up while unpacking my boxes for my bedroom.
These last couple of years that I have lived in Ohio have gone by unbelievably fast, which have included many ups and downs. It has taken me a while to learn to stay positive throughout life, so I have tried my best to do so throughout any upsetting or frustrating situations I have faced following the move to Ohio. Throughout the past thousand days or so, I have overcome numerous challenges since moving to Ohio. Attending a new school, losing my grandfather to cancer, making new friends and losing past ones, dealing with mental health issues, and being away from my family. Although I do try my very best to look at the bright side of any type of situation, I know that all of this has happened for a reason. These events may have been difficult to progress through at first, but every time that something has interfered with my path with becoming the best person that I can be, believing that it will just make me stronger.
While living in Ohio, I have made amazing best friends that I will appreciate, and love forever, but I will never forget my childhood friends and the memories that we all shared. Life happens unexpectedly, and with my past friends, us breaking apart was bound to happen someday. After struggling with where I was in life for a long time, I am proud to say that I am doing quite well in my life right now. Succeeding these challenges I have faced, I am lucky enough to say that my grades are the best they have ever been, my family and I are closer than ever before, and I have plans to visit my family and friends in Massachusetts and Rhode Island within these upcoming months. There will be unavoidable issues throughout the rest of my life, and I have learned to be tolerant of that. If I keep bettering myself for more benefits in life, I believe someday I can become the happiest version of myself that I can be. With that being said, I am at last, content with almost everything in my life right now, and after struggling for so long, I am proud of myself. Throughout all of the years that I can remember, I have been through a great deal of horrible situations, but that will not stop me from my journey through life. I came across a website called Homeworkfor.me. I was surprised to find there many samples of social work research topics. No need to pay to read them.

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